The Real Reason Donald Trump Will Be Our Next President

5439999805_474811d69f_zA lot of people who identify as Democrats, Republicans, and Independents don’t want Donald Trump to be our next President. Yet, millions of men and women continue to vote for him despite unfavorable ratings that continue to climb. For the first time in more than 30 years of the ABC News/Washington Post poll’s history, Donald Trump earned the highest unfavorable rating among Americans as a front-running candidate in a presidential election, just barely falling behind the unfavorable rating of David Duke, former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, when he ran for office during the 1992 election.

Mr. Trump received an unfavorable rating by 67 percent of Americans surveyed in the ABC/Washington Post poll released April 14, 2016, which is unprecedented for a leading candidate during an election season. The only other time a candidate saw such strong dislike during an election, was Duke who was rated unfavorably by 69 percent of Americans in an ABC/Post poll in February 1992. Unlike Trump, Duke was not successful in his campaign, winning fewer than 120,000 votes and zero delegates in the race for the GOP presidential nomination. Meanwhile, Mr. Trump has currently won more than 8 million votes in pursuit of the GOP nomination.

It should be noted that Hillary Clinton, the presumptive nominee of the Democratic party, also has a very high unfavorable rating. Hillary Clinton was seen unfavorably by 52 percent in an ABC/Post poll last month, 2 percentage points from her worst, 54 percent unfavorable rating in April, 2008. That was the highest unpopularity in ABC/Post polling for any Democratic Party candidate in an election year, albeit still far lower than Mr. Trump’s.

How do we account for millions of people voting for candidates who are seen so negatively? Why do I think Donald Trump may be our next President? What would have to change in the U.S. to keep Mr. Trump from being elected? And most importantly what would have to change in the U.S. to have people in office that reflects the best in us, not the worst?

Our Presidential Candidates Reflect the View We Hold of Ourselves.

We may like to hear slogans that tell us “we’re the best, America is number 1.” But the truth is deep inside we don’t like ourselves very well. And the reality is we’re not very likeable. It’s hard to feel good about ourselves when we continue to destroy other people and the life-support system on planet Earth. As Charles Eisenstein says in his book, The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible, “Who could have foreseen, two generations ago when the story of progress was strong, that the twenty-first century would be a time of school massacres, of rampant obesity, of growing indebtedness, of pervasive insecurity, of intensifying concentration of wealth, of unabated world hunger, and of environmental degradation that threatens civilization?”

It’s no wonder that rates of depression and suicide are on the rise, particularly among older, white males. Further, more and more people are suffering from chronic pain and are overdosing on pain medications. Was that what killed the entertainer, Prince?

When Problems Become Too Complex, We Long For Simple Solutions, Even if They Are Wrong.

As our world becomes more complex and problems become more difficult to solve, we turn to simple solutions that give our psyches comfort. How do we deal with poverty, over-population, global climate change, endless wars? It’s difficult to figure out what to do. We are all drawn to someone who seems to know the answer. “ISIS? Trust me, I’ll eliminate them in short order,” says Mr. Trump. Too many people in the world and an economic system that keeps people in poverty? “Don’t worry, I’ll build a wall to keep illegal immigrants out,” says Mr. Trump, “and I’ll get Mexico to pay for it.”

People having difficulty with the rise of female power and prestige? White men becoming uncomfortable with the non-white world? He’s got an app for that, too. “We’ll ban Muslims from America and ridicule and shame women until they get back in their proper place.”

If you think this is all ridiculous and the American people would never elect someone like this, you don’t fully appreciate the way our subconscious mind works to simplify the world and protect our psyche from being overwhelmed. Why are reality T.V. shows so popular? Why do shows like Survivor, American Idol, The Voice, Dancing with the Stars, and of course Donald Trump’s The Apprentice draw so many people? We long for simple solutions, happy endings, winners we can cheer for, and losers we can rise above.

Mr. Trump Seems to Have Suffered Abuse, Neglect, and Abandonment as a Child.  Many of Us Resonate with His Rage.

We know from Mr. Trump’s own writing that he was an aggressive and violent child growing up, that he was sent to military school at a young age, and had difficulty controlling his temper. It’s not surprising that we have gotten statements like these from Mr. Trump:

  • “Ariana Huffington is unattractive, both inside and out. I fully understand why her former husband left her for a man – he made a good decision.”
  • “You know, it really doesn’t matter what the media write as long as you’ve got a young, and beautiful, piece of a**.”
  • “I would bomb the sh** out of them. I would just bomb those suckers, and that’s right, I’d blow up the pipes, I’d blow up the refineries, I’d blow up every single inch, there would be nothing left.”
  • “I’ve said if Ivanka weren’t my daughter, perhaps I’d be dating her.”

These kinds of statements repulse many. As a trauma-informed therapist they are red flags of a person who has suffered serious abuse, neglect, and abandonment. But Mr. Trump isn’t the only one who has suffered these kinds of indignities.

Ongoing studies reported by the National Centers for Disease Control (Adverse Childhood Experiences—ACE—Studies) demonstrate that childhood abuse, neglect, and abandonment are more common than most of us think and impact our adult health and relationships. Abused children often hook up with each other as adults (It’s our subconscious attempt to heal old wounds). Whether we’re passionately in favor of Donald Trump or passionately opposed to him, we likely have some healing to do.

How to Have a Healthy Government (and a Healthy Life).

We’d all like a simple solution to the complex problems we face in life. If we don’t want Mr. Trump in 2016 or someone worse now or later, there are some simple things we can do.

  1. Learn about the impact of childhood trauma on our adult lives.
  2. Address our adult depression, aggression, and misery.
  3. Learn to live more simply and in balance with our environment.
  4. Love our selves more deeply and care about others (even those we may feel are doing us harm).
  5. Find out how to have real, lasting love in your life.

We really can have the kind of world we want. We just have to see it, feel it, and do the hard work of healing and commitment that is required to change the old system of separation to one, as Charles Eisenstein calls it, of “Interbeing.”

“A recognition of alliance is growing among people in diverse arenas of activism, whether political, social, or spiritual, says Eisenstein. “The holistic acupuncturist and the sea turtle rescuer may not be able to explain the feeling, ‘We are serving the same thing,’ but they are. Both are in service to an emerging Story of the People that is the defining mythology of a new kind of civilization. I will call it the Story of Interbeing, the Age of Reunion, the ecological age, the world of the gift. It offers an entirely different set of answers to the defining questions of life.”

Many of us are on the path of Interbeing and are connecting with others from different backgrounds who are ready to create a different, more hopeful, and more helpful story of humankind. Let’s hear your part of the story. What excites you these days?

I look forward to your thoughts and comments.

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  1. Trump read Hitler’s speeches for bedtime reading. Also, like Hitler, he benefits from a changed name. Hitler’s was Schickelgruber. Trump’s was Drumpf. And like Hitler he is a narcissist, determined to show his mother and the female element of life his power and his superiority, because he could not match his father. Like the Koches, a great bunch of guys, who would keep the psychiatric industry in work for decades if they wanted to. But it doesn’t look likely before November. On the bright side, only 4% of registered Republicans voted for Trump. Maybe the rest will look on with more wholesome thoughts.

    • We forget, at our peril, that the people can come to support and vote for those who eventually kill and destroy. Paying attention to what people really need and what their fears are, is important if you find better candidates than Mr. Trump.

  2. What excites me these days? Witnessing and practicing kindness. Right now, in the province where I live, there is a terrible wildfire that forced the evacuation of an entire city of nearly 80,000 people. All over, people are offering support to the evacuees and first responders in the form of donations – cash, essential items, free accomodations for their families and pets, free gas – the list goes on. Children are putting up lemonade stands and donating the proceeds to help the people of Fort MacMurray on their way to recovering their normalcy. This kind of thing is being celebrated through social media. I am in on it, too, sharing the memes about how “not all super heroes wear capes” about firefighters and the good news stories the oil companies, airlines and people are doing. My motto is “Find the good…and praise it”. By doing so, I feel it could raise the spirits of everyone out there. Though a lot of finger pointing is going on, there is a general level of understanding and some voices saying that those in power are doing their best.

    With that being said and regards to the US election, the rise of someone like Mr. Trump is quite astounding. I think it rises out of fear. People have been witness to the media these past few years of a lot of evil deeds conducted by people and countries, including their own. They didn’t want to accept it and still wanted to believe that the US could do no wrong or if it did, it did it with good intentions. Perhaps that is why Trump is gaining strength. I thought you raised very good points in your article. I think people are afraid of a lot of things and they(we) have let fear rule us and guide us. I can see an identity crisis of sorts. I think we need to accept the fact in all of us that as we get better, we do better. Move forward from the mistakes of the past. Unfortunately it is a difficult thing to do, so we stay in our safe place of fear and denial. We will all be forced to learn some hard lessons if Trump gets elected.

    Just my two cents. Thank you for your though provoking article!

    • Sue, Thanks for your thoughtful response. Loving kindness is clearly what people want and it is a definite antidote for the kinds of worries, anxieties, and wounds that produce a candidate like Donald Trump and why he resonates with so many people.

    • I agree and am inspired by your reply.

  3. William Bright says:


    I think you and many are making the success of Mr. Trump far too complicated. As most of you know our country is more conservative then liberal, much of America believes in traditional judeo Christian values. Those who live in the NE and left coast are the exception. For years Americans have been voting for these values, simply look at the state houses and the congress and senate. Mr Trump has tapped into the great frustration Americans have with the political class, say one thing, do another. Lying. It may not even be the policies the political class have been voting for; it is the lying. Have you been to Washington DC and seen the economic boom in the suburbs all paid for by American tax dollars building the government bigger and bigger. This is not a democrat republican issue, this is Americans finally saying we are tired of the corruption that is Washington and we are done. Who ever stood up and challenged the power structure from the outside was going to get traction. Add to that someone who understands how the media works and who has a relentless work habit take no prisoner style and you have Mr. Trump. Don’t over think it, Americans are angry; add up all of the votes cast for Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, Bernie Sanders & Mr Trump and you have a clear picture of how fed up America is with its traditional politicians. That the republican neocons are supporting Hillary is evidence enough that the ruling class are terrified that their hold on power might just be slipping away.

    • William, Good points. I agree that there is a lot of fed up people who are realizing the system is not working for most of us. The most obvious example is our government, but we see the old systems collapsing with our economy, our environment, and most of our large institutions. All have been build on a domination model that began with our belief that the environment needed to be subdued and put to use for a small segment of humans. We know there is a better way, moving ahead to a society based on connection and sustainability, where we see ourselves as part of nature, not ones who see ourselves as separate. We really are all in this together. We’re a smart species. We need to see whether we are a wise species who can learn from our mistakes and get back on board with the community of life.

  4. Americans are fed up with the establishment, the political elite, the entitled who are feeding off the the backs of those of us who get up at 0530 in the morning and work til 1000 in the evening. Trump says what most Americans think….and it scares people because he is not PC. After 8 years of Obama’s feckless leadership, Americans want strength in the Oval Office. Trump is beholden to no one….how scary is that to those who are in each others back pockets? We need to close or at least control our borders, we need to deal with terrorism and not have the leader of the free world do an “apology tour” for who we are and what we stand for. How DARE Trump aspire to make this country great…again. This us what bothers people. If the Dems can’t come up with anyone better than Bernie or Hillary, what do you expect? I hope he wins.

    • Alice, I agree with you that Trump and Bernie both tap into the feelings of pain and frustration that most Americans have with the system as it is. Whether the next President is Mr. Trump or Ms. Clinton, I think we are moving towards a complete upheaval of the old system and the birth of a new way of living that is more caring, more sustainable, and more respectful of all peoples.

    • Thank you, Dr. Diamond for this post. And Alice, I see wisdom in a representative for the stronger party in any social dynamic apologizing for at least some mistakes. Such apologies increase the likelihood of mutual respect and therefore collaborating in the development of social systems with more love and peace.

  5. tina juarez says:

    Yesterday I saw Guy McPherson speak about extinction. His mathematical projections are a bitter pill to swallow but it gave me a better understanding of the pathological selfishness of the 1% who may have already seen this data and interpretation as public information available on the internet has been dumbed down in the last year. McPherson kept on referring to his standing and Point of View as a WHITE MALE. I feel he,as others, has no concept of the resiliency and power of the feminine [happy mothers day]. NO culture calls the planet “father earth” for a reason. Trumps solutions are typically simplistic and narrow-minded, yes, but, there are ever more simplistic solutions also offered by WHITE MALES, also other colors of males, that used math and science to determine the power of carbon soil sequestration. Carbon soil sequestration is the new sexy word for spreading compost; only1/2 inch thick to regenerate the natural forces of life in the soil. Much of China has survived since the MING dynasty on the 1/2 inch of human “night soil” that covers the dense clay of the fields there. Compost can be turned with big manly machines and spread with big manly farm tractors, ultimately a simpler and more elegant solution that hiring overpriced contractors to utilize MORE resources to build fences, etc. on not-so-simple solutions that will also create more CO2 and methane release. MEN and women are working on regenerative farming all over the world and concerted effort in joining those efforts will work off a lot of negative energy and emotions and result in a better world and positive outcome [harvests!]. This action coupled with drastic reduction on military spending across the globe may work to save the species. For those who want to colonize MARS… each attempt is accelerating the situation here; why not put that energy to to fixing what has been spoiled..we already have water & soil to add to and keep rather that start from nothing on another planet.

    • Tina, We are experiencing a revolution, moving from top down, dominator hierarchy, to one that is more inclusive. Women have through history been more connected to the Earth to collaboration and empathy. But men have it too and this is a time where all humans are recognizing that our hope for survival rests on our willingness to connect more deeply with ourselves, each other, and the planet we all share.

  6. Wow! The comments on this post demonstrate the complexity of our collective societal sensibilities!!!!
    But getting back to the points you raised in your article, what opportunities do we have as individuals to cause a shift in collective consciousness? We can look to great leaders who preached love, healing and nonviolent social change only to find ourselves still stumped. Three martyrs come to my mind – Mahatma Gandhi; Jesus of Nazareth; and Martin Luther King. That’s just it. They were martyrs, each of their lives ended in untimely deaths. On the other hand, we have the example of Nelson Mandela. But how many of us could persevere as the late South African president persevered.
    When I was a young woman, I worked as a grassroots political organizer. I was totally immersed in my causes. I was so busy trying to right to the world’s wrongs – at least what my political sensibilities said were the wrongs, that I never stopped to consider that perhaps their was another way of looking at the world.
    Then, when I turned 30. I became a Peace Corps Volunteer and lived in Honduras, Central America for three years.
    For the first time in my life, I was living in an apolitical environment. People did not sit and discuss politics because they did not have the freedom to do so. Now while that state of affairs is incredibly unjust, the political vacuum created a social awareness that came in to fill that vacuum. Every evening, my neighbors and I would sit and talk about the day, the people with whom we shared our neighborhood. We talked about the kids. We talked about what was happening at the high school. We talked about the next holiday, the next town carnival.
    That experience taught me that I had missed a lot of friendship from people who may have had different political views than those I had held. People left, right and center have loved ones, birthdays, life milestones. In that sense, we all are one.
    To your point Jed, if we can love ourselves and others more deeply, perhaps we can learn to get along and have political, spiritual and social tolerance. Perhaps we can try to live by the motto a dear friend shared with me – love more, judge less.
    That, and go back and review what we learned in Civics class.

    • Rebecca, As you point out, those of us who are aware of need to change the system (and more and more people are realizing that need) each in their own way is taking action in ways that are personally satisfying, loving, caring, and connecting. We are loving more deeply ourselves, each other, and even those people we feel as “the others.” We really are all in this together. What a great time to be alive.

  7. Eva Maria says:

    It is scary to think that the future of the world is in hands of the voters in the States. The mere fact that a persona like him can rise to present himself as a candidate, is not telling a lot of good about the average education in the States. I am not so sure it is a lot better here in Europe, but according to a Belgian friend that gives classes at Oregon university, there is a huge difference, so I take her word for it, as I have never been to the States. When we vote in Belgium, the result has no influence on the world. When you vote in the States, it still does (unfortunately) . It is scary.

    • Eva, I suspect “the rest of the world” has a lot more power than people may think. I see the U.S. as a rather brash adolescent. We’re good at developing new ideas and we’re good at “kicking butt.” But we’re really quite young (As a country we’re only a few hundred years old). The reality of the changes that are going on in the world impact us all.

      For instance, world population has reached 7.4 billion. Can you visualize 900 jumbo jets landing at your local airport today and each deplaning 250 people? If so, you will have a good grasp of daily, real-time global population growth. Indeed, human numbers increase by over 228,000 every 24 hours.

      Every new person who arrives wants the same good life many of us have. The problem is that we live on a finite planet, with finite resources. We can not continue to have economic growth in the same way we have been doing throughout the world. We are basically turning parts of the earth (i.e. minerals, water, soil, fish, etc.) into food and products for humans and filling the earth and atmosphere with our waste products. This has to end and like adolescents everywhere there are a lot of people in our Republican Party who don’t want to believe that Global Climate change is real and that it is caused by human practices.

      So the rest of the world has to help guide us along the way and keep us from getting too out of control. Film maker, Michael Moore’s new movie, illustrates what we need to learn from the rest of the world.

  8. David S. Shaw says:

    What excites me these days is coming upon posts like this one. Technology has always been a primary driver of social change. Social Media technology just reached out to me and helped me along my path to “Interbeing.” When I am on that path, it is a great time to be alive. I feel that I can only walk it alone and only be shown the way by loving others and by all others. When I am on this path, I am not on a “campaign” or following one, that is I am not trying to arrive somewhere or longing for the day when the Good King is seated on the throne. When I am on this path I feel compassion for every thing and have a sense that the division of the Universe into things is arbitrary and political. This realization is a source of great laughter at my attempts to think otherwise. It is a source of inspiration for being more mindful as to which divisions into things I vote for. I grasp that calling myself a Man is arbitrary and that it makes me feel awake and alive in a way that it did not before exposure to sources of path finding such as the MENALIVE site. Social Media will not be the next President of the United States, because it already is. Thank you Jed for your vote.

    • David, Thanks for the insightful and thoughtful reply. I so appreciate the readers of this blog and the thousands of people who are coming together here to share their heart-felt ideas about our collective future. This is a time of the people coming together everywhere. As you point it, the time for “Good Kings” and leaders who we can blindly followed is past. We are the leaders we have been waiting for.
      It’s a scary time, but also a wonderful time to be alive.

  9. I fully agree with William Bright’s comments. This is not some major socio/eco/sustainability that is driving the process to change our political institutions. Mr. Trump, while blunt and offensive is appealing to a class of people who have been left behind. Frankly, if you can ignore some of his caustic remarks (and I recognize that is hard to do) he speaks some truths that our current aristocratic class does not want to hear. Primarily the group that Trump appeals to is represented by hard working, blue collar Americans who are tired of politically correct people whose words are hollow and whose results for that class is even more hollow. Many of these foks are patriotic, care for their own and have been polite but toward what end? Our government and large corporations continue to squeeze them tighter economically and treat them as widgets rather than humans. Sadly, the people in these decision making roles are our so called “leaders”. The working class citizens have played by the rules and our leaders have distorted the rules to harm them.

    Our current government and corporations allow illegal citizens to pour into this country. Why? In the government’s case to pander toward our Hispanic population. Our corporations tacitly ignore and hire these illegal immigrants for cheap labor. Who pays for this? Our hospitals, our police force, our welfare system, and our social services. The working class who is struggling to make ends meet continue to pay taxes and have their wages suppressed because of this influx of cheap labor. Most of our working class people have no problem with immigrants, but the key word is illegal.

    Our current leader and one party’s leading candidate are so politically correct that they can’t even refuse the word radical Muslims. Keep in mind not the word Muslims, but “radical” Muslims. Some of this class disparage citizens who are angry about the chaos created by Isis and other members of their ilk. This cold indifference by our government of the fear this group has created is beyond belief. They are refusing to label a group that has created fear and chaos throughout the world. So Mr. Trump calls them what they are–thugs and murderers.

    Finally, one of Mr. Trump’s major themes is bringing jobs back to America. He calls out our major corporations that have sent our industrial jobs oversees. He states that he will negotiate hard with countries that artificially deflate their currency to make exporting our goods to other countries difficult thus creating an environment of American workers losing their livelihood due to the unfair trading balance with other countries.

    I am a white collar person and I don’t understand the purpose of Mr. Trump’s bombastic comments. However, I also understand that many of our working class in both white collar and blue collar industries are scared and they are hearing a politically incorrect voice/candidate who appears not to be able to be influenced or bribed as easily because of his independent wealth. I don’t think these working class Americans are thinking about issues like sustainability of the environment or collective consciousness. These types of thoughts are generally left to those whose basic needs are met. This angry group of working class voters who are willing to vote for an angry candidate are thinking more of meeting their basic daily needs. Those other higher heierarchial aspiration of environmental sustainability, loving, caring for others are left to those in the class whose basic needs are met multiple times over. The working class does not have time for naval gazing. Frankly, I applaud them for bringing attention to a their plight. They want to have their needs for food, shelter and economic security met while the “dreamers” in our government continue to plunder them. This is probably why an individual like Donald Trump may become president. It’s pretty pure and simple.

    • M.L., Thanks for your thoughtful reply. You represent and articulate the reason many people are attracted to Mr. Trump. When people feel angry and feel that their government and those in power don’t care about them, don’t listen to them, and don’t offer them a real path to a better future for themselves, their children, and grandchildren, they turn toward a man like Mr. Trump who resonates with their rage and their hunger for a better life.

      I think people who are drawn to Bernie Sanders also feel some of the same dissatisfaction with the power structure and those in the system that continue to make promises to “the people,” but continue to deliver policies and laws and support the 1% and keep taking more from the 99%.

      People are fed up and want an alternative to the traditional Republican candidates like Jeb Bush (in this cycle) and Hillary Clinton. In this respect the Republicans are ahead of the Democrats in kicking out the establishment candidates and going with a charismatic outsider.

      The problem with Mr. Trump for me is that he may be a political outsider, but he’s still the old type leader we have been giving our votes to for many years. He’s rich, supports practices that are good for the rich, and deep inside he is an angry, wounded boy who now acts like a bully towards anyone who is not a powerful, rich, white, male. I’ve always been wary of bully boys. They are often articulate, attractive, and powerful. But they don’t really have real empathy for the average men and like boys everywhere they have a tendency to lose their cool and get into fights if their ego is offended.

      Bernie Sanders, on the other hand, believes in the power of the people, not the power of the individual. It’s the main difference between Bernie on the one side and Donald and Hillary on the other. Donald is rich enough to fund his own campaign. Hillary gets her money from Super Pacs and billionaires like Trump who support her. Bernie has gotten all of his money from small donors given by millions of Americans. Money is power in this country. I feel more comfortable voting for someone who is getting his money from millions of people than one who is getting his money from one person (Donald) or her money from a small number of billionaires (Hillary).

      Of course our major media is controlled by the billionaires. That’s why millions of blogs like these are important for people to hear from the people.

      Keep your comments coming.

  10. People inside the beltway are terrified of a Trump presidency not b/c he is a “little boy bully” but because he is an outsider, beholden to know one who is not part of the boys club. He appeals to those of us who are fed up with Obama regime…the leader of the free world with no backbone and excessive PCness. Obama has weakened this country militarily and has contributed to greater rifts in racial division. The US has less respect worldwide than it did 8 years ago. Hillary cannot be trusted…why is she not in prison?….Bernie is too far left and too old….Trump is far from perfect and if elected will have trouble gaining support within the ranks….but he is no nonsense about illegals, terrorists, the military. Those of you who think love and peace and apologies will strengthen our stance in the world view and protect us as a nation are sorely out of touch with the evil and darkness in the souls of our enemies.

    • Alice, It would be nice to believe that Mr. Trump is “beholden to no one.” As one of Bob Dylan’s song says, “We have to serve somebody.” The question we all have to ask is who does Mr. Trump serve and will he really serve the people of this country. As I say, I think he has a good chance of being our next President so I would hope he would serve will if elected. Unlike some people I don’t think all billionaires are bad. There are billionaires like Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Richard Branson, and others who have given away, or are committed to giving away, more than half of their fortunes to help humankind. I don’t see Mr. Trump in this class, but hope he does so at some point in his life.

      You say Bernie is “too far left and too old.” I’m probably to the left of Bernie on some issues and to the right of Trump on others. I’m 72 and when I watch Bernie, he seems to have the passion, smarts, and energy for the job.

      But his appeal for me is that he’s not trying to build himself up, but rather to build everyone up to feel empowered to create real change in the systems that rule our country. I do believe that if candidates that money from billionaires (1 in Mr. Trump’s case, more in Ms. Clinton’s case), they are more likely to develop policies that are helpful to billionaires at the expense of the average person. Mr. Sanders takes no money from billionaires, but asks for and has received, millions of $27 contributions from the average person. I feel more confident that Mr. Sanders, if elected, will be more like to serve the people.

      Whoever wins, if we want a country we can all be proud to live in, we have to unite a find the issues we can agree upon and go after them. Thanks for the great comments on this post.

  11. You wasted your time writing this article.. What a load of social engineering, psycho-babble – literally. “Because of how we feel about ourselves ..?? ” Only those who are vulnerable to your witch spells of ‘white guilt’ believe that crap.. Throw a few socialist psycho studies in there to sound official. Not everyone is asleep and doped down.
    The only free people on Earth have been enduring an onslaught against our humanity and liberty for 100 years or more and the last 20 years of that cultural war have been devastating -but also a a wake-up call for many who were not seeing and understanding the gradual process of destruction.. Trump is not perfect as a person or regarding my opinions on some issues. BUT he is showing to not be a pawn of the elite who are controlling the gradual destruction of our Liberty and human rights. That alone is a good reason to vote for him!

    • Doug, Loved the comments. I don’t agree that I “wasted my time writing the article.” It was a joy to write and I’m enjoying reading the comments. I particularly like ones like yours that are written with passion and insight, even if we don’t agree on everything.

      I agree with you that “people on Earth have been enduring an onslaught against our humanity.” In many ways it reflects the onslaught we have unleashed on the Earth in our attempt to control nature for the benefits of human beings. What we do to the Earth, we do to ourselves. We are wounded, angry, and looking for someone who can break out of the dying systems that have dominated people for centuries and are looking for champions who can work with us for real change.

      I’m glad you feel Mr. Trump will be good for us all. He’s certainly come a long way from the first polls which game him a 1% chance of winning the Republican nomination to now. I’m open to the possibility that I could be wrong about him as a leader. If he wins I’ll do everything I can to help him help us all.

  12. David King says:

    What is the source of your quote, “We’ll ban Muslims from America and ridicule and shame women until they get back in their proper place.”

    Thank you.

    • David, The quote was my own. It’s what I imagine is in Mr. Trump’s subconscious, not something he said. The statements I quoted as things Mr. Trump said, were from public talks reported on the internet.