Stress Quiz

Are you (or the man you care about) suffering from Too much Stress? Take the quiz.

    Check off each of the symptoms you experience or notice.

1. I am losing my sense of humor ( ).

2. I feel tired a lot of the time ( ).

3. There have been a lot of changes in my life in the last year ( ).

4. I find it more difficult to work, exercise, eat well, or maintain friendships ( ).

5. I am easily annoyed, become grumpy, or impatient ( ).

6. I feel less and less patient and/or sympathetic listening to other people’s problems ( ).  

7. I find myself less eager to go back to work or to resume my chores after a weekend ( ).

8. Everything seems like a chore. I don’t seem to have much fun anymore ( ).

9. I feel trapped ( ).

10. I know what will make me feel better, but I just can’t push myself to do ( ).

Everyone is different. A single issue may indicate a serious problem to one person while another may need more indicators before they recognize a problem is serious. Here are my own experiences after treating thousands of men.

0-1: Indicates no problems or a minor problem.
2-4: Indicates a problem that may need attention.
5 +: Indicates a serious problem that should get attention.

If you are concerned about stress in yourself or someone you care about, help is available:

1.  Contact me to set up a time for an evaluation session.  Email me at, put “personal” in the subject line and describe your concerns.  I’ll contact you immediately.

2.  Take my special web-based class that addresses stress and related issues.

3.  Get my books that helps with these issues: 

MenAlive: Stop Killer Stress with Simple Energy Healing Tools.  The book will be available June 16th but you can read the intro and first chapter HERE.