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MenAlive, my 10th book on men’s health, brings together all I’ve learned since my first book came out in 1983.  Many have told me it’s the best resource on stress available anywhere.  John Gray, author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are from Venus said “MenAlive is more than a book.  It’s a complete tool kit for relieving stress and bringing about lasting health.”

Although we are all under a great deal of stress these days, numerous studies show that stress impacts men even more than women.  Too many men die before their time.  Too many women and children suffer the loss.  And even when stress doesn’t kill us physically, it saps our strength, increases our levels of physical and emotional pain, and undermines our relationships.  And a book, no matter how good it is, isn’t going to solve all our problems.

Don’t get me wrong.  The book is good and it will help stop killer stress for both men, and the women who love them.  But I know some of you would like more.  I want you to have a choice to receive additional resources that will help you now and will be available when you need them in the future.  Combining these resources with the book is like getting 40 personal counseling sessions with me (Those that have counseled with me say it was well worth the $250 per session they paid.  If you need it and can afford, I’m happy to offer my 40 plus years’ experience to work with you).

In my counseling I do with individuals and couples I work with them to dismantle the roadblocks that keep them from having the health and well-being they desire in their personal and interpersonal relationships.  I’ve taken the best information from years of counseling and am making it available for the first time.

I’m offering three levels of helpful resources. Choose the one that is right for you.

Silver Package

The Silver Package is the equivalent to counseling with me for 15 sessions, $3,750 value. This is a compilation of 12 of my most popular ebooks and white papers. Here you’ll pay only $69.  So, you’ll get the $19.95 book and $69 Silver Package for a total of $88.95.
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Gold Package

The Gold Package is the equivalent to counseling with me for 25 sessions, value $6,250. 24 ebooks and an audio program of my workshop titled, Save the Males: Using Energy Therapies to Heal 5 Critical Problems Men Face Today. Today it is available to you for just $139.  So, you’ll get the $19.95 book and $139 Gold Package for a total of $158.95.
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Diamond Package

Combines the Silver and Gold Package which has a value of $10,000. All 36 of my most popular ebooks and white papers and the 2 hour audio for just $159.  You’ll get the $19.95 book and $159 Diamond Package for $178.95
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OK, so getting the information isn’t the same as doing counseling with me personally, but you’ll be getting the best of the resources that I offer in counseling, at a fraction of the cost.  Plus, since they’ll come via e-mail, they can be accessed immediately (while you’re waiting for your book to arrive).  And, unlike counseling, you’ll be able to go over things again and again, reviewing the information when you need it, now and forever.

Silver Package Complete Info

1. E-Book: The Lazy Person’s Guide to Relationships: For Those Who Still Believe in Love, But Don’t Have A Lot of Time to Waste.
My most popular E-book. Things your therapist won’t tell you or probably doesn’t know.

2. E-Book: Why Men Die Sooner and Live Sicker and What You Can Do to Live Long and Well
I wrote to help clients who have lost a loved one. I share my own grief about the loss of a friend and what we can each learn so that men can live as long as women. Here you’ll learn the 10 practices that cause men to die sooner and live sicker than women and the simple things you can do to change things.

3. White Paper: 7 Simple Ways to Wreck a Good Relationship Or to Save One
When we look at the divorce rate, the number of relationships that fall apart before people get married, and people who stay together even though miserable, we might conclude that people go out of their way to wreck their relationships. It can be helpful to look at the ways we often harm each other without even trying and what we can do to prevent relationship meltdown.

4. White Paper: 25 Most Important Things Ever Said About Women, Sex and Love
I’ve had 40 plus years of experience looking for the perfect quote to offer my clients. I give you my very best.

5. E-Book: 14 Reasons Men Don’t Take Better Care of Themselves
All us guys know that we should take better care of ourselves and women wish they would be more supportive. But what gets is the way of doing what is right? These are the main roadblocks I’ve found. Once we know them, we can move a long ways towards using the tools that will help us live long and well.

6. White Paper:
25 Most Important Things Ever Said About Children, Parents, and Life
If you’re a parent, you are going to want this White Paper.

7. E-Book: Depression: The Silent Killer of Men–What You Need to Know to Protect Yourself and Those you Love
Find out why depression in men is approaching epidemic proportions and how suicide and depression are linked. Learn about the critical difference between male and female depression and why male depression has been hidden. Take the depression test to see if you are depressed and learn what you need to do to heal.

8. White Paper: 10 Tips for Keeping Irritable Male Syndrome From Wrecking Your Relationship
Irritable Male Syndrome (IMS) can be a problem for men at any age. It can also wreck even the best of relationships. Here’s what you can do to fight back.

9. White Paper: 7 Sexual Secrets Every Woman Needs to Know About Men
It’s the mystery that has befuddled women for centuries: Why do men behave the way that they do? Neuropsychiatrist Louann Brizendine, claims to have cracked part of that code in her new book, “The Male Brain: a Breakthrough Understanding of How Men and Boys Think.”

10. E-Book: The Magic “Pill” That Will Keep You Healthy and Sexy Forever
What would you pay for such a pill? What if I told you it was free, was easy to take, and had no side effects. There really is such a pill but it involves something that turns many people off–exercise. I’ll show you how to find the program that is right for you and how you can maintain it for the rest of your life.

11. White Paper: Sex Addiction: 7 Surprising Secrets
Sex and love addiction are a lot more common than many think. You need to check this out.

12. E-Book: Andropause (Male Menopause): What Is This Crazy Thing We’re Going Through?
If you’re a male between the ages of 40 and 60 (or expect to be) or you’re living with such a male, you’ve probably wondered why your moods go up and down, why you get extremely irritable about big and little things, why your sex life isn’t as zippy as it once was. Well, I’ve got the answers for you here.

Gold Package Complete Info

1. Audio program of my 2 hour workshop presented June 2, 2012, at the 14th International Energy Psychology Conference titled, Save the Males: Using Energy Therapies to Heal 5 Critical Problems Men Face Today.
This is brand new material. To attend the conference would cost $555, plus room and food. Total value $1000, plus. Plus, power-point slides to give you a full experience of the workshop.

2. White Paper: 7 Sure-Fire Ways to Prevent an Affair
Even the most solid relationships can be susceptible to an affair. Here’s what you can do to be sure it doesn’t happen to you.

3. White Paper: Is It Love or “Love” Addiction? 21 Ways to Know For Sure
Ever have the experience of thinking that “this is it,” that you’ve finally found true love, only to realize that you created more pain? Did you ever feel you were “walking the wire of pain and desire, looking for love in between? Read my most popular White Paper of all time and learn the difference.

4. White Paper: Red Hot Sex: 8 Little Known Secrets For A Lifetime of Passion and Love
Actually I lied about the most popular White Paper of all time. This is the one, but it has an “X” rating so be careful. At last count 88,000 people had read this and found it made their sex life sing.

5. E-Book: Are We Wired to Worry? What Every Man and Woman Needs to Know
You will learn about the emotional brain and how it can heal us and destroy us. Find out about the latest discovery indicating there is a “worry gene.” Discover why men are often overwhelmed by our feelings and why so many men act and feel like little boys. Learn to stop worrying and start living.

6. White Paper: 3 Little Known Stressors Killing Men and the Women Who Love Them
We know that stress can kill and that 80%-90% of all visits to the doctor are stress related. But here you’ll learn about three little known stressors that you can address to make your life work more effectively for the man in your life and for yourself.

7. E-Book: Essentially Male: Everything You Wanted to Ask About Men, But Were Afraid to Know
This E-book cuts to the chase and reveals secrets I’ve learned working with men for more than 40 years, things most men don’t even know (until they read this) about themselves. It answers a lot of questions including, What does it mean to be male? How and why the male and female brains are different. Why males are becoming the second sex?

8. White Paper: 7 Secret Cures for Anxiety, Depression, and Stress: No Drugs, No Talk!
If you, or someone you love, suffers from anxiety, depression, or stress, this White Paper will help.

9. White Paper: The 25 Most Helpful Things Ever Said About Love, Marriage, and Relationship
Just one of these quotes carries the wisdom of the ages. You’ll get 25 that can change your life.

10. White Paper: Be In Love Forever: 5 Simple Steps
If you want love to last, I suggest you read this right away.

11. White Paper: 25 Most Helpful Things Ever Said About Why Men Are the Way They Are
40 years of my best healing quotes on men.

12. White Paper: 3 Things You Must Do Immediately When He Says, “I Love You, But I’m Not In Love With You”
Have you ever heard those dreaded words, “I love you, but I’m not in love with you anymore? What did you do? What should you do? Have you ever said those words yourself? What did you really mean? Get your answers to these and many more questions here.

13. E-Book: The Rise of Monster Boy Masculinity and the Denial of Male Menopause
Find out about “monster boy” masculinity and why it is on the rise. Shame is the root cause of this disturbing trend. Learn how monster boys frighten women and attack men. Discover the ways monster boy masculinity is responsible for the destruction of the environment.

14. White Paper: How the New Jobless Era is Driving the Irritable Male Syndrome and Destroying Families: 5 Things You Must Do Now to Save Yourself and Those You Love
Unfortunately, many more of us are going to lose our jobs in the future and many more will suffer from increasing stress worrying. Don’t let it ruin your relationship. Learn what to do.

15. White Paper: What Women Can Do to Help Their Men and Rescue Their Relationships
This wonderful resource gives you the tools you need to save any relationship in trouble, along with feedback from those who have been helped.

16. White Paper: Is Stress Killing Your Sex Life?: 7 Things You Must Do Now to Keep It Alive
Stress can wreck a lot of good things. But when it attacks our sex life, it’s time we did something about it. Here’s what you can do.

17. E-Book: Testosterone and Other Male Hormones: What Every Man and Woman Should Understand
It is testosterone that makes us the men we are today. There has been a lot of misinformation about this essential hormone. Some call it the key to the fountain of youth. Others call it the substance that poisons all men and makes us aggressive and violent. Here you’ll learn the truth.

18. White Paper: Dealing With The Irritable Male Syndrome: The Six Strategies Women Always Try and The Only Strategy That Actually Works
If you’re a woman who is struggling with an IMS man, you need to read this. If you’re a man, read it so you can help her help you. We need all the help we can get.

19. E-Book: Gender Shifting: Why Men Become More “Esty” and Women Become More “Testy”
Even tough guys become more gentle as we get older. Think of Marlon Brando as the aging Godfather, cuddling his grandchildren and tending his flower garden. But women get more flinty, assertive, and outgoing. This can be wonderful or a source of major domestic conflict. Here you’ll learn how to make this time of life a thing of beauty for both of you.

20. White Paper: From Irritable Male to Run-Away Husband: Anatomy of a Mid-life Marriage Meltdown
Too many marriages get in trouble at mid-life. Often a man feels he needs to leave and it seems to come out of the blue for the woman. Read this before it occurs.

21. E-Book: Warrior’s Without War: The True Warrior Spirit
Why are men drawn to war? Is there an alternative way to be on the planet? Comedienne Elayne Boosler, said, “When women get depressed, they go shopping. When men get depressed they invade another country.” Learn how we can achieve real peace.

22. White Paper: Hey Guys, Are You Depressed and Don’t Know It?
Too many men are depressed, but don’t know it. I was one of them. Read about what I did and how my wife helped save my life.

23. E-Book: From Career to Calling: How We Can Find Our Life Gift
Most of us have a career. It’s the thing we did that brings in the money and helps provide for our family. But not everyone finds their calling. Regardless of what career we have chosen or how far up the ladder of success we rise, we still need to embrace our calling if we are to be happy.

24. White Paper: Is Irritable Male Syndrome Wrecking Your Relationships? 3 Things You Must Do Now to Protect Yourself
Does it seem like a change from Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde? It may be IMS. Here’s what you need to do.

25. E-Book: What Goes on Inside A Men’s Group? Take a Peek Inside A Group That Has Been Meeting Since 1979
One of the greatest days of my life, although I didn’t realize it then, occurred in March, 1979 when I joined a men’s group. We’ve been together for more than 30 years. One of the things I am asked by men and women over and over again: “Why really goes on?” Well, I’m going take you inside and give you the secrets of what men really want and need.

Diamond Package Complete Info

All 36 of my most popular eBooks and white papers and the 2 hour audio program for just $159.