Energy Medicine Goes Mainstream

I just returned from the First International Conference on Eden Energy Medicine.  I presented a workshop titled:  Save the Males: Using Energy Therapies to Heal 7 Critical Problems Men Face Today and had the pleasure of joining other health-care providers and scientists as we explored the emerging field of Energy Medicine.  The conference was organized to two of the pioneers in the field, Donna Eden and David  Feinstein.

Energy Psychology with David Feinstein  

Candace Pert, the neuroscientist who was one of the discoverers of the brain’s opiate receptors, remembers David Feinstein when she was working at Johns Hopkins Medical Center in the 1970s.  “Dr. Feinstein was there conducting research on psychotherapeutic innovations.”

Thirty years later Feinstein has turned to the intersection of psychotherapy and energy medicine.  Recently he led a team of twenty-seven health and mental-health professionals to bring the new tools of energy psychology to psychotherapists.

His research demonstrated that energy psychology builds upon conventional psychotherapies.  It works within the context of established psychological principles such as the key role of early experiences in shaping our current emotional and behavioral patterns.

“But energy psychology,” he says, “also has a special card in its deck.”  Stimulating energy points on the skin, paired with specified mental activities, can instantly shift your brain’s electrochemistry to:

  • Help overcome unwanted emotions such as fear, guilt, shame, jealousy and anger,
  • Help change unwanted habits and behavior, and
  • Enhance your abilities to love, succeed, and enjoy life.

 Energy Medicine with Donna Eden 

David Feinstein was a research scientist and, at first, was very skeptical of the claims of energy medicine.  Gradually he gained a new perspective.  Here’s how he describes what happened.  “My personal voyage into the perspective reflected here occurred over many years and with much resistance.  I happened to marry a woman, Donna Eden, who was destined to become one of the world’s most renowned natural healers.  For the first nineteen years or so of our relationship, I did not know what to make of here work.”

I know how he felt.  I had a similar experience when I met my wife, Carlin.  She two is a natural healer and “sees” energy changes in the auras of her clients.   It also took me a long time to recognize the value of these “unusual” techniques.  But the more you learn, them more sense it makes.

Here’s what Donna Eden says on her webpage describing her findings.

  • Energy medicine is the oldest, safest, most organic, most accessible, and most affordable medicine there is.
  • It teaches you how to participate more fully and knowledgeably in your own healing, health, and well-being.
  • It is both an empowering system for self-help and a powerful tool in the hands of competent health care practitioner.

 World-Renowned Scientists Attend Conference

A number of the world’s top scientists attended the conference including Candace Pert, author of Molecules of Emotion, Clint Ober, co-author of Earthing:  The Most Important Health Discovery Ever?, Bruce Lipton, author of The Biology of Belief, and James Oschman, author of Energy Medicine:  The Scientific Basis. 

Dr.  Oschman shared research information showing that a new milestone in medicine is upon us, harnessing the diagnostic and therapeutic use of energy. This new technology which is entering mainstream medical use stimulates the repair and regeneration of one or more tissues.  He sees energy medicine as the wave of the future.

Bruce Lipton reminded us that genetics does not control our destiny, but our beliefs can influence the way in which our genes or turned on or turned off.  It offers us hope that we have more control over our health and well-being than we ever thought possible.

Clint Ober demonstrated that the Earth emits an electronic field and that getting ourselves re-connected and grounded can have amazing health benefits including reducing stress, helping us sleep better, and eliminate inflammation which is found to be at the core of much of our acute and chronic illness.

Candace Pert is a neuroscientist whose extraordinary career began with her 1972 discovery of the opiate receptor.  Pert empowered us to understand ourselves, our feelings, and connection between our minds and our bodies, showing that we are actually a unified “bodymind” which allows us control over our future health that we didn’t know was possible.

I’m excited to part of this emerging new field and invite you to learn more and share your ideas and questions.  Learn more about energy medicine and what your doctor may not be telling you.

What has been your experience with energy medicine?  What doubts and fears have you had to face?  What kind of results are you finding?

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